Moo and Two

Have you every had your tea made incorrectly..? Milk, no milk, sugar, one, two, three? It is so easy for someone to get it wrong.

We have developed mugs that will completely guarantee your tea will be made correctly every time. See the full range at, and events we are trading at.

The first MooMug was made, and tested. Such a simple idea but not one cup of tea that we had from it was wrong! Problem solved. Now here at Moo and Two we are developing every kind of combination of tea, milk and sugar so that no matter how obscure your taste is, you, like us, shall never have these problems again.

As the idea is so unique we decided it should be celebrated on the best quality mug possible. All our mugs are handmade in Somerset, from stoneware slip using local materials and environmentally friendly packaging.

Enjoy a cup in our cafe, tea or coffee.

27 Catherine Hill, Frome, BA11 1BY

tel: 07816 311452



Opening hours: Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am till 5 pm / Sunday Closed

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